Lisa Ray Jacobs - English Voiceover Artist

Writing & Producing

Lisa’s latest piece as writer (with Simon Powell) – Just Jewish – was shortlisted for The Pears Short Film Fund (UKJF), 2019.

Murmuring Goodbye (also co-written with Simon Powell) and produced by Lisa, was a finalist at France’s prestigious Mobile Film Festival, 2018 and screened at WOFFF2018.   

Home – a short play responding to the refugee crisis and inspired by the works of Shakespeare – seeks a theatre/producer.

Lisa’s first feature as writer – Amsterdam – was selected for the Micro Market strand of Film London’s Production Finance Market (PFM) (October 2016), has received development from Film London & Creative England (part of the BFI Network) and was shortlisted for Microwave (2015/16).  BAFTA award winning actress Gina McKee and César award winning actress Amira Casar are attached.  Actress/Director Tara FitzGerald is set to direct.  It will be produced by Georgina French of French Fancy Productions.

Her first short as writer/producer – Prick Thy Neighbour – was directed by Tara FitzGerald and produced by French Fancy Productions in 2014.  It was supported by Film London’s London Calling scheme, selected by 9 international film festivals, including BAFTA/Oscar qualifying Palm Springs Short Fest and has been broadcast in Japan, France, Italy and the USA.

She is a BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew participant 2018 as a writer.

Lisa was previously credited for her work as Lisa Jacobs (her birth name).

Inside Out (Short Film 2012)

Directed by Ambarish Manepalli
Written by Christopher T VanDijk
Produced by Lisa Ray-Jacobs (as Lisa Jacobs) & Ambarish Manepalli

No Time to Lose Films 2012

Logline: A Smith and Sara M are forced to unhook, but will they hook up?

Inside Out was written, shot, edited and scored in 48hrs for the 48 Go Green 2012 Film Competition, of which it was a finalist.

Prick Thy Neighbour (Trailer) (Short Film 2015)

Directed by Tara FitzGerald
Written by Lisa Ray-Jacobs (as Lisa Jacobs)
Produced by Georgina French & Lisa Ray-Jacobs (as Lisa Jacobs)

A French Fancy Production 2014

Logline: Fiona, Mike & Millie live next-door to each other.  Mike fancies Fiona.  Fiona doesn’t fancy Mike.  One evening, following another of Mike’s desperate attempts to woo Fiona, Millie decides her two neighbours should have dinner…

Screened at 9 international film festivals including BAFTA accredited Palm Springs Short Fest. Broadcast in 4 territories. Distribution: Origine Films

Amsterdam (Feature Film)

To be directed by Tara FitzGerald
Written by Lisa Ray-Jacobs
To be produced by Georgina French, French Fancy Productions

Alumni (BFI Network: Film London & Creative England)
Shortlisted for:
Microwave 2015/16 Stage 1 Development (BFI Network: Film London)

Logline: Jean’s desire for Juliette has haunted her for over 30 years.  Widowed now, Jean invites Juliette back into her life, hoping to rekindle their passion.  But, are they able to put the past to rest?  Or, is Jean’s husband’s hold over the relationship, even from beyond the grave, too tight?

Home (Short Play)

Written by Lisa Ray-Jacobs

Currently seeking a theatre/producer.

Logline: The civil war in Syria has led to the world’s biggest refugee crisis since WWII.  Home is a short play performed by actors portraying refugees who tell us a story of love.  This story is inspired by some of Shakespeare’s popular and lesser known characters and works, and sets out to show how, in the face of mounting racism and xenophobia, only love, tolerance and unity can serve humanity.

Murmuring Goodbye (Short Film 2017)

Directed by Simon Powell
Written by Lisa Ray-Jacobs (as Lisa Jacobs) & Simon Powell
Produced by Lisa Ray-Jacobs ( as Lisa Jacobs)

No Time To Lose Films 2017

Logline: A woman says goodbye to England, revealing ghosts from the past.

Finalist at the #MobileFilmFestival 2018

Just Jewish (Short Film)

Written by Lisa Ray-Jacobs & Simon Powell

Shortlisted for The Pears Short Film Fund (UKJF), 2018.  Seeking finance.

Logline: Madame Raynard’s marital agency is a struggling business, but its proprietor sees an opportunity for profit – and world peace to boot!