Lisa Ray Jacobs - English Voiceover Artist


"Working with Lisa has always been, and continues to be, a joy.  Her imagination and her ability to put herself ‘in her characters’ shoes’ (stemming in part I believe from her training as an actress and the necessity for psychological understanding) give her writing a real authenticity.  And great humour… a slightly left-of-field humour. This is one of the stamps of her work, I would say. Then there is her approach to her projects; her discipline and application. Few people I know are as consistently prepared as Lisa and she has a great vigour in all she does - driven by a genuine desire to improve, to learn and technically she goes from strength to strength, integrating that knowledge. Yet she is in no way precious about her labours; quite willing to explore alternatives, take on-board outside notes and try them, but also prepared to defend those choices that she most strongly believes in - that are her passions; that represent her original voice."

- Tara FitzGerald, Actress/Director

"Lisa and I have enjoyed working together on a number of projects, both in the capacity of writer and producer. As a writer, she is an emerging talent, having been selected for Film London’s London Calling scheme with 'Prick Thy Neighbour' and also their Alumni & Microwave features schemes with Amsterdam. Her writing and approach is instinctive, and displays great warmth, humour and sensitivity. Lisa is a strong communicator, which reflects not only in her writing, but extends to her producing skills. Happy to throw herself in the deep end, and boy, can she swim! Conscientious, diligent, trustworthy and dependable, Lisa is a powerful ally in any production team."

- Georgina French, Producer, French Fancy Productions Ltd

"We regularly record Lisa’s voice for our commercials and I had the opportunity of working with her on the Garnier brand. A very professional and dedicated voiceover artist, Lisa integrates the project’s constraints and voice direction with great efficiency and talent. And, on top of that, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with her."

- Joel Tessonneau, Sound Producer, Prodigious-Paris

"I worked with Lisa for 6 years when I was producing the promos at Eurosport International. Lisa takes her work very seriously. She really cares about the tone, choice of words, tempo and meaning of the texts. Whilst attentive to our requirements, one of her qualities is the ability to offer creative solutions to best meet the demands of the copy. This is not only very professional but very much appreciated… I whole heartedly recommend working with Lisa. Punctual, rigorous, friendly and accommodating, our 6 year collaboration was an absolute delight."

- Emilie Gourdon, Head of On Air, NBCUniversal International Networks

"Lisa is a sure thing when we need an English voice-over artist. She can just as easily lend her voice to straight, corporate recordings as she can to scenes that require a real warmth or humour. She also proposes solutions or alternative ways of interpreting the text, which is a real advantage especially when our clients are present in the studio. We regularly call on Lisa for the films we produce for Thales."

- Florence Picolet, Client Manager, Globulo