Lisa Ray Jacobs - English Voiceover Artist


Lisa trained as an actress at the prestigious Drama Centre London.  She began her career with Pocket Theatre, Cumbria playing Catherine Morland in an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.  She then continued to take on various theatrical roles in France, from Brecht’s Jewish Wife to Angela in Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party, as well as the role of Melitta in Nicholas Wright’s Mrs Klein, a play she also produced.

Film and TV credits include: Un si grand soleil (France2), Genius Einstein (Fox21 Television, Imagine & National Geographic), Barbara (Mathieu Amalric), Skylab (Julie Delpy), Gainsbourg – (Vie héroïque) (Joaan Sfar), Une Famille Formidable, Commissaire Cordier and Un Petit Grain de Folie.  

Lisa acts in two of the several pieces she has (co-)written and/or (co-)produced: Murmuring Goodbye by Simon Powell was a finalist at The Mobile Film Festival, Paris 2018 and Inside Out by Ambarish Manepalli, was a finalist at the 48h Go Green Film Competition, 2012. 

Lisa was previously credited for her work as Lisa Jacobs (her birth name).

Headshots (.zip, 12MB)
Acting Showreel (2019)

A montage of various professional engagements, including Un si grand soleil, Genius: Einstein and Barbara de Mathieu Amalric.

Murmuring Goodbye (1' Short 2018)

A woman says goodbye to England, revealing ghosts from the past.

Directed by Simon Powell

Lisa plays the Woman & Grant Masters, the Man

Murmuring Goodbye is a one minute film shot on a mobile phone.

Inside Out (Short Film 2012)

A Smith and Sara M are forced to unhook, but will they hook up?

Directed by Ambarish Manepalli

Saul Jephcott is A Smith, Lisa plays Sara M 

Inside Out was written, shot, edited and scored in 48hrs for the 48 Go Green 2012 Film Competition, of which it was a finalist.